Building High Performance & High Speed Networks

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Origin Net has a pedigree in Cloud Services.

We are rich in VM skills and wares, and we are experts in Hosted Applications.

We ensure you have powerful, reliable infrastructure and the expertise to help you run it, making the path to Cloud, Hosted services and your Applications management successful.

When it comes to developing and building your applications you need the freedom to focus on improving those applications. But the cloud doesn’t manage itself.  We have the engineering skill and expertise you need to manage your stack of business applications and process.

Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Infrastructure and Software as a Service

We build and manage infrastructure, applications and services that combine your growing needs of public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated hardware and software.

We focus on Disaster Recovery, Infrastructure and BackUP as services,  “DRaaS, IaaS, BaaS”, as vital to optimise your technology and support better business outcomes through our increasingly services-led approach.

Technology accelerates your business. We have core strengths in Hosted VoIP & PBX,  Hosted Exchange, Office 365  have become standard services expectations. Yet beyond these core strengths it is our ability to remain at the forefront of innovation and capability to ensure that we empower our clients to excel with the evolutions of hosted services, the cloud evolution and the future of ‘Self Service”.