How can I protect myself from RF radiations?

The ARPANSA has regulations that will protect you from RF. By regulating public exposure of RF and implementing telecommunication requirements such as shielding and predetermined distances the ARPANSA maintains your health and safety.

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Are base stations regulated?

Yes, all Australian Base Stations regulated by the ACMA. Fixed Wireless systems must conform to the Radio Communication Act. We use a mix of class and apparatus licensing, of which both have power limitations to prevent excessive exposure to the public.

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Our Antennas systems emit less than that of a standard light bulb

Bringing a simple, scalable and cost-effective service, Origin Net provides high-speed broadband services to businesses via our Fixed Wireless Network. Exposure to Electromagnetic Radiation produced by base station systems are a major concern to the public. We acknowledge these concerns and take safety seriously. Detailed below are answers to common questions. The wider community are [...]

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